Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Highlights: March 2016

Hi guys,

Can you believe it we're already in April?! Wow, how time flies by so fast. We're about to reach our first quarter of the year, that's crazy! It was only a few weeks ago I turned 20 and only feels like yesterday we were all sitting down having lunch as a family for the Easter weekend.

Here I present to you a few highlights of what I got up to in March 2016.

When we celebrated my 20th at the Taronga Zoo (more photos in my previous post). 

When we asked for 3 doughnuts at Doughnut Time and the lady who served us gave us extra as she was about to close the shop for the day. 

When Giorgio and I woke up a tad earlier than expected so we went for a walk at our local park. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shinning bright and it was quiet and peaceful. 

When I went to the gym and broke my personal best! I've never sweat that much before in a long time?!

When work bought me a cake for my birthday, sung happy birthday and my sweet (and the best) manager surprised me with flowers. 

When I finally tried Fogo for the first time - MMMmmmmmm. 

My first attempt at a drip cake for Easter. 

When I finally went to the beach and soaked in all the sun and salt water, ahh clear airways. 

When my cousin finally released and uploaded her wedding photos in HD. 

Finally seeing this awesome Chineese garden set up at our local park with Giorgio. 

Not much of a long post here guys! It was a month full of work and then activities on the weekend. I took as much photos as I can, but since we had so much relatives over from overseas I was caught up on catching up with them. What where your highlights of March? 

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