Monday, July 4, 2016


The plan was to wake up early enough to leave at 10AM, but of course that didn’t exactly happen! Todays agenda was to head to the Queen Victoria Markets then at lunch time we would head to Melbourne Museum to visit the Jurassic Park exhibit. 

Not really knowing where we were going and just relying on Google maps we finally arrived at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Markets. We took a free City Circle Tram and got off at Latrobe Street. A few more km’s to walk and we finally reached the markets, not what I expected but thought the food side of it was awesome. From fresh fruits, homemade pastries and breads, an Organic section and (the best part) an international food area. This section contained a large variety of cold meats, sweets, baked sweets and desserts from around the world. It was definitely one of my highlights of the trip. Although we left with a full tummy from breakfast we couldn’t help but buy an incredibly cheap spinach and cheese Borek for only $3, Yumm.

After the markets we took a tram back to Flinders Street to have lunch and put away the groceries. 2PM came about quickly and it was time to head to the Melbourne Museum. Getting there we of course got lost with the whole tram situation.  Ben and I hoped onto a what said to be a City Circle tram in front of our hotel, thinking that the tram would start its city circle route again, boy where we wrong. Once it hit Flinders St Station the route suddenly changed in a complete different direction. We were thinking where the crap are we! So in frustration and stress we hoped off at what appeared to be Docklands and took an Uber to the museum. 

The museum was huge!! There was so much to look at in such a short amount of time. We mainly went there for the Jurassic Park exhibit which I would say was an awesome experience but not worth the price we paid. It was short, quick and not as thrilling as expected however the dinosaurs looked true to life.  After taking a look at the Jurassic exhibit we looked at the other parts of the museum they had many other exhibits to look at which included biology of humans and animals, nature of Melbourne, World War II and many more (which we actually missed out on).

Going home was also a pain as unfortunately we took the wrong side of the stop which ended us finishing off one city circle route then starting all over again to only finally finish as Flinders St where we needed to get off. Ben and I where starving and exhausted but eventually we made it through and stuffed our faces as soon as we saw a place to buy food.

After stuffing our faces from hunger we headed back to the apartment and ended off the night.  

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  1. Melbourne looks so beautiful! I heard it's an artsy city :)