Thursday, January 7, 2016

Philippines: December 2015

On December 16th I flew to the Philippines. It went by super fast, it was my first ever trip to fly solo and I loved every bit of the experience. The Philippines is a country that is so close to my heart, no matter how many times I go there I will never get tired of it. It's my mother land.

Read more of this post to see how my vacation went.

First of all, Happy New Year!!! Let's make 2016 an even more successful one! Achieve and push more!! ~

So, wondering where I've been? Really sorry guys, but the last few weeks of 2015 really got to me! I was extremely busy. I was out and about doing errands while finalising work tasks for the end of the year as well as finalising my travel needs together. (Oh and I forgot to mention organising Christmas)

This trip was a special trip because firstly it was my first ever solo trip. I've never travelled alone before, and i'm so lucky and blessed to have had this opportunity. It's extra rewarding as I paid for every expense on this trip. I mainly flew to the Philippines for my cousin, it was her wedding and I had the blessing of being my cousins 'maid of honour'.

The trip went by really fast I was only there for two weeks, however miraculously I did get to learn a few things. It's amazing what two weeks alone could do to you. I learnt to eat more Filipino vegetables and dishes, I also got used to crowds and most of all I believe I grew more patience!

Overall the trip was a success, however I did experience a few hiccups. Mainly due to the weather and delayed flights - yes, every flight I had on the trip was delayed. Nevertheless, I was lucky to bond and have the opportunity to get close with my cousins.

 Flight going back home, Manila is so pretty at night. 

My morning/breakfast view on the way back home - had only a few hours left till touch down!

 Selfie before bed time in my Qantas PJ's, I was so excited

I've always wanted to try the DIY Magnum bar, when I was there in March it was avail. at SM Aura but I never bothered trying it. When I came back in Dec it was unfortunately gone. Once I saw it at SM MOA I instantly took the opportunity. 

My last dinner in Manila for the vacation. 

Couldn't help but purchase (the overpriced) Duty free sweets. 

Christmas at SM Aura

@ BGC. 

Yum four cheese

Flying is amazing

My cousins super cute baby!

Flooding in Tuge

Super tasty (and chilli) bufalo wings!

Did so much shopping I had to purchase another luggage there. Yes is it obvious I LOVE pink!

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