Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Australia: Wentworth Falls, The Blue Mountains

 Waking up extra early on the weekend was totally worth it.

We woke up pretty early for a Sunday; 5:45AM, although that's normally the time I wake up during the week for work I still found it early as I normally like to sleep in on a Sunday, that's the only day I get to really sleep in. It's exactly and hours drive from where I live and with the day and timing of it all the drive there was a breeze. Upon arriving at Wentworth Falls it started raining lightly so, Ben & I decided to wait it off for an extra 30 minutes in the car and as God always works in our favour when we decided to take the walk rain or shine, not one drop fell from the sky.

We are all blessed like that.

First stop was Fletchers Point, the view was amazing it got us more and more excited to see the falls itself.

Finally! The famous Wentworth Falls. Water so clear that the rocks make the water look brown. 

Ben & I casually posing like lamas. 

Perfect back drop, so foggy and misty.

Sooo, apparently we are close to the edge of a 100m cliff. 

One of the best photos yet. 

Ben thinking to himself if waking up so early was worth it!?

Getting our cardio on.

More look outs

Selfie with the 100m waterfall, I was really impressed, don't get me wrong. 

& of course we gotta have at least a decent photo taken by somebody else. 

The walk to the bottom was SUPER tiring!

Cardio was cleared for the week haha. 

More water falls.

& more... 

The track was amazing. 

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