Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Skin Care Routine

Studying Beauty certainly helped me in having a better skin care regime and raised awareness on products to avoid, when to put certain products on, what are the best products to use, important ingredients & many more. Before I never really had a routine, but since graduating as a therapist I thought it would be important to take care of my skin more. 

Heres my weekly skin care routine that I do every once a week in order to help me achieve my desired results. 

Now, before I get stuck into the post. I'd like to say that this is for my personal skin type and my personal choice of products for my own desired results. If you want to seriously get into a skin care regime to suit your concerns I highly recommend you make a consultation with a beauty therapist. 

Starting: I like to use a towel headband to keep my hair away from my face. I purchased mine at a wholesaler but I'm sure you could find one at a dollar shop. I also like to use a face towel to wipe off the cleanser. 

Step 1: I remove my makeup using an oil based makeup remover for the eyes (easiest and fastest way to break down the eye makeup) along with a little bit of Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser by LUSH for the rest of my face. 

Step 2: I then properly cleanse the face using a Foaming Facial Cleanser by SUKIN. This is to further cleanse the skin and remove any further impurities and remove makeup the removers didn't. Doing this gives us a fresh clean canvas, ensuring each product we use will penetrate and do it's job to it's full potential. 

Step 3: Next step is to exfoliate. Depending on my mood and skin i'll use the Brightening Peeling Gel by Tony Moly (great for making the skin appear brighter, glowing and plump), Gentle Exfoliant by Urban Spa (great for sensitive skin and works well with a black head treatment as it has great ingredients to deeply exfoliate)  and lastly I'll switch between the Enzymatic Peel by Skinstitute (a gentle but very deep form of exfoliation). I'll also then exfoliate my lips using the lip scrub by LUSH. 

Step 4: Masking time! My favourite part, depends on my mood and concern (again), but I gravitate towards the C3 Collagen Mask most of the time - it makes me feel so fresh and youthful. It feels great when it comes straight out of the fridge all cool for the face (perfect for this summer heat). 

Step 5: Rinse off! Then that's it. Quite simple but perfect for my skin type and concerns. After rinsing i'll apply my eye cream, lip balm and moisturiser. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What is your current skin care routine? Whats the longest product you've ever used when it comes to skin care? 

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