Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The 45K feet above ground playlist (V. I)

You may or may not have it yet, but I'm sure everyone has that (or at least) one song that sends everyone off in a relaxation state or  mind that leads us to dream where we wish we could be right now.

So, I wanted to share with you guys my ultimate playlist for when I want to dream or for when I'm up in the air and I am just ready to unwind. Everyone has different tastes in music, you may have a similar taste to mine or you may not - but what really gives me the happy vibes would be songs that fall under the genre of 'deep house' or some would call 'tropical house'. Tracks in this genre from artists you may know would be like Thomas Jack, Kygo, Sam Feldt, Flume and Chet Faker. 

First before I get further into I'd like to highly recommend Spotify this is where I find more songs similar to the tracks I'm about to recommend. I've been loving it so far and am starting to contemplate going on premium, hehe. You can follow me/add me on Spotify just search 'ingridjoyx'. Spotify is great because it has a bunch of playlists for certain moods, artists, ambience, vibes, whatever you want - you'll find it. Great part of it to is that as it's a playlist you can skip from one song to another (without any restrictions - wooo!!). 

Just in case you're interested Spotify playlists I recommend are: 

  • Tropical House by Spotify Deutschland
  • Kygo by Jens Riis Ramussen
  • Dim The Lights by Spotify Aust. & NZ

Okay lets get started, here are my top five favourites (in no particular order).

1. Rivers - Thomas Jack

2. Like you want to - Kita Alexander

3. The Buzz - Hermitude

4. Seve - Tez Cadey

5. Here for you - Kygo ft. Ella Henderson

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