Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Philippines in March

Quite often I tend to catch myself day dreaming and reminising about an amazing  holiday I got to experience earlier this year (March 2015). My family and I got to visit the beautiful Philippines. This trip wasn't the average 'seeing family and friends' trip but this one was different, as we got to see a different side to the Philippines I've never seen before.

Highlights of my trip included spending a few nights in Boracay and a couple of nights in Mactan, Cebu's Shangri-La Resort and Spa. For the next two blog posts I will be talking further in depth about my highlights of the trip with a few handy side notes for you guys. 

I don't want to give too much away by talking about my trip to the Philippines this year as I want to talk about it further in the upcoming posts. 

But hey! don't get too sad just yet, because a new post will be published before you know it! In the mean time feel free to follow my blog as I have so much exciting content in plan for you guys!


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