Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Top 3

Traveling for the first time can be overwhelming. Many emotions can run through you all at once from anxiety to excitement and to happiness.

Often we experience a few down falls, however some of the most common mistakes can be avoided with a little bit of research and little bit of tips and tricks.

Therefore, I’ve created this post for you guys to share my top 3 tips in travelling/packing.
1. Bring spare clothes in your hand carry luggage

A really wise tip given to me when we shared each other’s fears about travelling. I said that I was really afraid of losing my luggage. My friend then advised me to pack in your hand carry bits and pieces of your essential clothing, this way if your luggage does get lost you know you have some spare undies and shirts lying around!

2. Don't over pack your hand bag

Often I make this mistake whenever I travel, however it seems like I never learn my lesson. I unfortunately always over pack my handbag which leads me to an extremely heavy bag throughout moving across the airport. Not only that but it often leads me to having difficulty in locating objects that I need straight away! When you're packing your bag think to yourself, will I actually use this throughout my trip? Will I really be bothered to read this book? Will I really be using this eye mask or is it just because i'm excited? Be a bit harsh on yourself and in the end you'll thank yourself you didn't bring that because you know it would've been a waste of space! 

3. Bring sunglasses on board and wear sunscreen

You will thank me for it.. Don't leave the sunglasses in your check in luggage, bring it with you! You may keep your window open for some time either because it's time to eat or it's broad day light and you guys are about to land. Whatever it is, it gets really bright up there and sunglasses would help your dry and stressed eyes work a bit less. In regards to the sunscreen, please, use it. The UV rays up there is way worse as we are so high up and surrounded by sunlight. Sun damage can age an individual - we don't want that now do we? 

So those are my top three tips, hope you guys enjoyed it! 

I will in the near future make a new post with more tips i've learnt along the way!

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