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Hey guys, I'm Ingrid Joy! I'm twenty years old, doing the typical 9-5 grind hoping to one day just blog and travel for a living. I love, all things food, all things beauty, and all things travel. W a n d e r l u s t, is my second name (I guess you could say). I've got an endless list of places I want to visit and with a short amount of time ! 

I have two babies, Krystal & Giorgio. Krystal is 4 years old she is an adorable Maltese x Poodle, where as Giorgio is a handsome German Spitz x Chihuahua he is 1 year and a half. They bring so much joy and colour to my life! I've graduated in Beauty Therapy and unfortunately have not until this day done anything with the qualification (oh well). I love PLL (been watching it since day one!!!!) and Keeping Up with the Kardashians (seen every episode!!). I love listening to Tropical and Deep House. My favourite DJ's would be Thomas Jack, Sam Feldt, Robin Schulz & Kygo (no particular order - too hard). I suck at trying to lose weight, but going to the gym make me feel better about myself. One day I dream to live in the Philippines, it is my heritage. 

So yeah, those are some about me points! I could go on, but I may be boring you now. Feel free to ask a question because I'd be happy to answer. 

Comment as I love to get in touch with my readers. 

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