Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lunar Markets

Last weekend, Ben and I missioned to the city (well not really - it was pretty easy) because it was the last weekend of the Lunar Markets.

Not sure if it happens annually but it's quite similar to the night noodle markets held at Hyde Park, difference is Lunar Markets is slightly smaller and is located at Pyrmont Park. So, the evening started off with a 40 minute drive down to the city to which we expected some slight traffic. After finally reaching our destination we parked at the Star and walked across the venue to which we found Lunar Markets (at Hyde Park).

Man, there where quite a few stalls to chose from, but I had my eyes set on two stalls Hoy Pinoy and Bao Stop. There where others I wanted to try, but hey! I'm only one and I can only fit quite a bit. There where quite a bit of cuisines to chose from; from Filipino, Thai, Chineese, Korean and Malay. Line ups where a bit long but in the end every minute waiting was worth every bite.

We started off by heading to the Hoy Pinoy BBQ stall, now I this was a MUST for me as I myself am a Filipino. The stall was surrounded by smoke due to the amount of BBQ sticks they where grilling, you could smell their stall from a mile away and boy did it remind me of the Philippines. We lined up excited to try the Pork BBQ, but then half way through the man at the counter yelled out "Pork out of stock", Boo :( . So we didn't put our patience to waste and purchased the Chicken BBQ which in the end was still a 10/10!

After that we headed off to another stall as I saw that as only an entree. As planned we headed up to Bao Stop, something I'VE been wanting to try since forever! Finally, after a line that moved quite fast, I ordered my two Baos and waited to be served. I ordered the Pecking Duck and the other was Pork. I was quite disappointed with the Pork as a fat slab of fat was on it, however the Duck was amazing and to die for! 

Since we don't eat out often like this, we normally go for dessert. So, we headed to N2 who also did a collar with Black Pastry, there where two flavours to chose from the one I settled with was a strawberry watermelon cake gelato twist. Yeah, it was okay, I liked how it was refreshing on the palette.

By this time I was stuffed, Ben wasn't as he didn't eat much. We looked at the time and thought hey the night is still young, we got a flat fee rate of parking so lets hangout in the city for as long as we can. So we headed back to the star and played a few games to which I only "won" $1.00 in the end. (Why I don't often gamble and encourage it).

Finally after we wasted our money and it was time to head home.

( Hi friends!

I know, where have I been? Well, to be truthfully honest I didn't have any content to blog about! I planned to upload a blog relating to my previous post but (rant) ever since mac updated their software it took more than the average time for an iMovie file (now .mov) to upload. I will have to start looking at a new editing software.  Anywho, back to my content -  i'm picking my game back up and will take l-hearted more seriously so please stay strong and keep following!

So. )

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