Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Gold Coast in September

(Banner: Breakfast view on the 77th leveled tower next to our Q1 hotel)

The last time I was in the Gold Coast was when I was 10 years old with my parents and Auntie from America. I don’t really remember much during that time of my life but I’m sure a lot has changed from when I was last there. A few weeks ago Ben and I took a quick weekend getaway trip to Queensland – boy, was it needed. 

I was really impressed by the transport system Queensland had in place, it was really budget friendly and tourist friendly, this meant getting from the airport to Surfer paradise was a breeze. Our first stop was to check in at our hotel, we decided to stay at the Q1 due to outstanding reviews, sad to say it’s not worth the hype (personal opinion).  The agenda for today was to explore the strip of Surfers Paradise, the Infinity Attraction, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, have a play in Time Zone and buy food for our stay.

(Comparing myself next to the worlds tallest man at Rippley's)

The Infinity Attraction was one of my favourite experiences. The experience never made me laugh so much, the optical illusions made the experience thrilling, adventurous and exciting – our money was well spent.  Next we where off to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, it wasn’t really my thing but they had a lot of things to see and read.  After Ripley’s we crossed the road and headed to Time Zone (literally next to each other). We spent quite a bit in there, there’s a large variety of arcade games which would make your stay there extra longer. Arcade games are my favourite way to pass time and have fun; it’s nostalgic and memorable. After a long day of doing activities it was time to buy groceries head back to the apartment and cook dinner.

(Photo with the famous 'Surfer Paradise' arch)

Saturday morning we went to buy our $10 unlimited travel cards and headed to Movie World. Movie World was OK, I didn’t enjoy it as much as others do but that’s personally because I’m not a fan of rollercoasters. So to make up for the lost day we went next door to Wet N Wild to have a bit of fun since I was more into water slides. During our trip to Movie World we took a look at the many shops they had as well watched the Stunt Car Show.  The Car show was exciting there where plenty of stunt burn outs which made your heart stop for a second and wonder if he’ll hit that object or not. After our long day it was time to head back to the apartment for dinner and take another stroll along Surfers Paradise (yum this meant also ice cream time!!).

(Warner Brothers Dynamite Car at Movie World)

(Excited for Sea World but first photo!)

Sunday morning was a new day, unfortunately our last full day to our getaway. That morning I was filled with excitement as I booked in a Seal Adventure encounter. I made sure we where there early to make our trip to Sea World worth while. I was so surprised by the view I had when I made my first step into Sea World it was huge!. I wish we spent two days there as I wanted to spend more time looking at the animals and to have a go at their rides. Seaworld was my absolute favourite trip as their was a lot of things to see and do from getting personal with the Rays, observing a Polar Bear, watching the Dolphin show, watching the Seal Detective show and many many more!

(A photo of me on my seal adventure encounter!!)

Monday came by just like that and it was finally time to end our short weekend getaway. Ben and I quickly took a look at a few of the facilities at our hotel apartment before we left (which I wish we made use of during our stay) and then we where off to take a tram and bus to the airport.

I’ll definitely be back, not sure when but I know when I come back I’m extending my trip to soak in the beautiful sun the Gold Coast has despite that it was Winter/Spring. I’ll also most likely make another trip to Seaworld too ;).

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