Thursday, March 10, 2016

Birthday at Taronga Zoo

Hi loves!

Well the other day it was my birthday (~ woohoo ~). I can now say that I'm in my "twenties". I'm quite excited to see what the next 10 years will be, as this is the age bracket where I expect marriage, mortgages and loans and possibly children! But thats not till the very end of my twenties at least haha...

Anyways, lets get back on track! Since I'm such an animal lover I thought what a better way to spend my twentieth none other than at the Zoo! We were so lucky because the weather worked in our favour it was hot, warm and sunny! (better than rain). I haven't been to the Zoo in such a long time, in fact I don't have any memory of me inside the Zoo, I just know I've been to the Zoo at an early young age. So because of this, I was so excited for this day!

Ben and I woke up around 7AM as I decided to start the day off early because word of mouth is the Zoo is HUGE! On top of this we needed to allocate time to watch animal talks and shows (to which we only got around to watching the seal and bird talk show).

The train ride was long (expected), but once we reached the city to take the ferry to the Zoo, I got impatient and a rush of excitement filled me even more. We missed the first ferry so we hung around till our next one came. Finally our boat ride started, boy, was the view amazing! I love the city, I love Sydney it's so beautiful.

After a 15 minute boat ride from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo we finally reached our destination. We took a shuttle bus from the dock to the entry of the Zoo and FINALLY we where ready to explore the "town".

There where so many awesome animals to see and look at. I loved how the Zoo had themes, an African Safari theme, Aquarium, Asian Animals, Australian Animals, Pets, Farm Animals, there was so much to see and they an extensive variety. Yes, the Zoo was that big that we didn't even finish it, being at the Zoo for more than 8 hours!

My favourite parts where the Gibbons, Gorillas and Seals. They just mesmerise me, to see how they act, how it reflects human like. Animals are spectacular!

The animal shows where nice, these where recommended by everyone who I talked to about the Zoo. The seal show touched my heart, they're so clever, but it's quite sad their food is getting taken by fishers. The animal bird show was nice, but I've personally seen better. It's a great talk to educate yourself on certain types of animals.

Overall the day was nice, one down side at the Zoo is the price in general especially the food! Therefore I recommend you to bring your own food! It's a great place for kids, friends, family, adult, anyone! Without a doubt no matter who you are and how old you are you'll have a blast.


  1. Is Taronga also in Sydney? Never heard of this zoo when we went there last time. But we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park and met kangaroos and koalas. :)

  2. Hi Melai, yes it is! It's really big so more than a day would be needed, hehe. Feather dale Wildlife is near my area, it's on my to do list! .. Next time your down in Sydney consider visiting Taronga Zoo. It's just a ferry ride from circular quay.