Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Melbourne: Pt I, Friday

I’m back from Melbourne!

So yes, I’m back from Melbourne. It was a quick time away from Sydney and boy do I wish I organised to stay longer.  For the next upcoming posts I’ll be blogging about my trip. I did record a vlog and hopefully I can get that uploaded and completed in time by the series finish.


It was an early start to our journey; I had to wake up at 4:30AM as we planned to take a 5:30AM train to Sydney Domestic Airport. Ben and I where filled with excitement both of us have never been to Melbourne and it was out first time heading off on a domestic flight. Finally, after an hour and a half of travelling we arrived at the airport. Stepping into this place for the first time I didn’t know what to expect (I’ve only ever visited the international terminal) – my thoughts the airport was quite small for a Sydney airport, but I was so excited to see what retailers they had and gosh I was so excited to step into Bath & Body Works when I saw it there! After doing a bit of wallet damage it was almost time for boarding.  But first! Quick breakfast, I ordered a breakfast bowl from Sumo Salad which included quinoa, Chobani yoghurt, chia seeds, honey, granola and banana ~ WOW.  Ben and I devoured the yoghurt and running a bit behind on time we power walked to out boarding gate. 

Finally 8:15AM. It was boarding time. Woohoo, Melbourne here we come. City of food and shopping. With an hour and 10 minute flight ahead of us we arrived!. 

We were welcomed by Melbourne’s grey clouds and cold gush of wind. We collected our baggage and headed straight onto a SkyBus, which would bring us to Southern Cross Station. Skybus is the only mode of public transport that will take you back to Melbourne city (from Tullamarine Airport).  That took about a 20 minute ride, upon arriving at Southern Cross we went up to the SkyBus booth to organised a free hotel shuttle bus (linked with out hotel – check on the SkyBus website if your hotels eligible). We waited for a long long time perhaps almost to an hour, I was starting to get grumpy and cranky because I was getting hungry. Eventually we arrived at our hotel (Adina Apartment Hotel on Flinders St). We where quite early so Ben and I headed out to explore and find a nice place to eat. 
We ate at Grilled which was literally a corner up from our hotel and shared a beautiful Bah Bah Burger – beautiful burger, excellent service! We noticed Melbourne had really nice service from fast food to clothes stores to restaurants it was consistent and really impressed us.

2PM came by and they finally allowed us to head to our room.  We had a little rest, then off we go for another agenda. We went to find a Coles, with a little bit of distraction stopping by a few awesome lanes I would see on Instagram I couldn’t help but explore a bit. We did get a little bit lost but we got there in the end.

530PM. After coming back from grocery shopping we had a proper rest and it was off we go to DFO South Wharf. Luckily the mall closes at 9PM on Fridays so we where able to fit it in within out schedule. A 10 minute drive turned into a 20 minute drive due to traffic (it was peak hour time). We arrived and WOW it was AWSOME. It was a every shop lovers dream. Two times the size of Sydney’s DFO I was blown away. Victorias Secret, Lipstick, Cotton On, Factorie a few retailers to name a few. I would’ve preferred to stayed longer but had only 3 hours to spare for such a large place.  Again, I did a lot of damage but hey it was one of my planned things to do.

930PM and we finally arrived back in our hotel, super exhausted and tired from our first day in Melbourne we were ready to have dinner and hit the bed. Tonights dinner was a simple salad with chicken BBQ kebabs. Quick and easy for a tiring day.

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